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William Shakespeare

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When answering two questions about Shakespeare's plays, is it necessary to introduce Shakespeare in both answers?

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Here’s a good way to handle this assignment:  Since “Introduction to Shakespeare” is way too vast a project (they are many pages long in every collection), instead suit a specific area of introduction to the play you are working on.  For example, say you are going to discuss “Midsummer Night’s Dream” and “Richard III”.  Your first answer could begin with an introduction to Shakespeare’s comedies, in general:  How did Shakespeare expect his audiences to react to his light-hearted language and themes? What were his sources for the plots? Your second essay could begin with an introduction to Shakespeare’s histories:  How did Shakespeare use the chronicles for his research, and how did he avoid displeasing the reigning monarch?  Then address your next task: the introduction to the specific play.  Then you could treat each individual play as a specific example of what you claim in your introductions.

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