William Rowley Principal Works

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Principal Works

(Literary Criticism (1400-1800))

The Travels of the Three English Brothers [with John Day and George Wilkins] (play) 1607

A Shoemaker a Gentleman (play) 1608?

Fortune by Land and Sea [with Thomas Heywood] (play) 1609?

A Search for Money, or, The Lamentable Complaint for the Losse of Mounsieur l'Argent (nonfiction) 1609

A New Wonder, a Woman Never Vext (play) 1611-14?

Hymen's Holiday, or, Cupid's Vagaries (play) circa 1612

The Birth of Merlin [with William Shakespeare?] (play) 1613-15?

The Fool Without Book (play) 1613?

A Knave in Print, or, One for Another (play) 1613?

Wit at Several Weapons [with Thomas Middleton] (play) 1613-15?

A Fair Quarrel [with Thomas Middleton] (play) circa 1617

The Old Law, or, A New Way to Please You [with Thomas Middleton] (play) 1618?

All's Lost by Lust (play) 1619?

The World Tossed at Tennis [with Thomas Middleton] (play) 1620

For a Funerall Elegie on the Death of Hugh Atwell, Seruant to Prince Charles (poetry) 1621

The Witch of Edmonton [with Thomas Dekker and John Ford] (play) 1621

The Changeling [with Thomas Middleton] (play) 1622

A Match at Midnight (play) 1622

The Four Honourable Loves (play) circa 1623

The Maid in the Mill [with John Fletcher] (play) 1623

The Nonesuch (play) 1623?

A Cure for a Cuckold [with John Webster] (play) 1624-25?

The Late Murder in Whitechapel, or, Keep the Widow Waking (play) 1624

A Match or No Match (play) 1624