William of Malmesbury

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Principal Works

(Classical and Medieval Literature Criticism)

De Gesta Regum Anglorum [The History of the Kings of England] (history) c. 1125

De Vita Aldhelmi [The Life of St. Aldhelm] (biography) c. 1125

De Vita S. Dunstani [The Life of St. Dunstan] (biography) c. 1125

Vita S. Patricii [The Life of St. Patrick] (biography) c. 1125

De Gestis Pontificum [The History of the Prelates of England] (history) c. 1126

De Antiquitate Glastoniensis Ecclesiae [The History of Glastonbury] (history) c. 1129

Vita S. Wulstani Episcopi Wigorniensis [The Life of St. Wulstan, Bishop of Worcester] (biography) c. 1130

Historiae Novellae [The Modern History] (history) c. 1140-43

William of Malmesbury's “Chronicle of the Kings of England” (translated by J. A. Giles) 1847

Gesta Regum Anglorum [Deeds of the Kings of the English] (edited and translated by R. A. B. Mynors, R. M. Thomson, and M. Winterbottom) 1998