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(Literary Essentials: Short Fiction Masterpieces)
ph_0111207194-Humphrey.jpg William Humphrey Published by Salem Press, Inc.

Novelist William Humphrey began his literary career in the late 1940’s as a short-story writer, contributing to a number of the United States’ better magazines—The New Yorker, Accent, Esquire, and The Atlantic—and publishing a collection of stories before his first novel appeared. His stories have attracted favorable critical comment, but most commentators rate his novels above his stories. Of his novels, the best known are Home from the Hill (1958) and The Ordways (1965); he also wrote Hostages to Fortune (1984) and No Resting Place (1989). Many critics think Humphrey’s best piece of writing is Farther Off from Heaven (1977), a memoir of the first thirteen years of his life. In addition to his fiction, Humphrey authored several hunting and fishing stories first published in magazines and later reprinted as small books: The Spawning Run (1970), My Moby Dick (1978), and Open Season: Sporting Adventures (1986).