William Hazlitt Principal Works - Essay

Principal Works

(Nineteenth-Century Literary Criticism)

An Essay on the Principles of Human Action (essay) 1805

A Reply to the "Essay on Population," by the Rev. T. R. Malthus (essay) 1807

Characters of Shakespeare's Plays (criticism) 1817

The Round Table: A Collection of Essays on Literature, Men, and Manners. 2 vols, [with Leigh Hunt] (essays) 1817

Lectures on the English Poets (criticism) 1818

A View of the English Stage (criticism) 1818

Lectures on the English Comic Writers (criticism) 1819

Letter to William Gifford, Esq. (letter) 1819

Political Essays, with Sketches of Public Characters (essays) 1819

Lectures Chiefly on the Dramatic Literature of the Age of Elizabeth (criticism) 1820

Table-Talk. 2 vols, (essays) 1821-22

Characteristics: In the Manner of Rochefoucauld's Maxims (aphorisms) 1823

Liber Amoris; or, the New Pygmalion (dialogues and letters) 1823

Sketches on the Principal Picture-Galleries in England (essays) 1824

The Spirit of the Age (essays) 1825

Notes of a Journey through France and Italy (travel essays) 1826

The Plain Speaker: Opinions on Books, Men, and Things. 2 vols, (essays) 1826

The Life of Napoleon Bonaparte. 4 vols, (biography) 1826-30

Conversations of James Northcote, Esq., R. A. (dialogues) 1830

Literary Remains of the Late William Hazlitt. 2 vols. (essays) 1836

Sketches and Essays (essays) 1839; also published as Men and Manners, 1852

Winterslow: Essays and Characters Written There (essays) 1850

The Complete Works of William Hazlitt. 21 vols, (essays, criticism, letters, dialogues, and biography) 1930-34

The Letters of William Hazlitt (letters) 1978