William of Hawthornden Drummond Further Reading - Essay

Further Reading

(Literary Criticism (1400-1800))


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Presents a summary and analysis of Drummond's manuscripts given to the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland.


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Considers the role of Euphemia Kyninghame, Drummond's mistress, in his life and poetry.

———. “Drummond of Hawthornden: The Season at Bourges, 1607.” Comparative Drama 4, no. 2 (summer 1970): 89-109.

Assesses Drummond's experiences and writings surrounding the year he in spent in France in 1607, primarily focusing on his detailed accounts of the plays he had witnessed.

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Critical survey of Drummond's life and literary works.

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Assesses Drummond's political writings, evaluates his cultural and religious influences, and details the nature of his royalist political position.


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Discusses Drummond's opinion of Jonson, and vice versa, as evidenced in the Conversations of Ben Jonson with William Drummond of Hawthornden.

Additional coverage of Drummond's life and career is contained in the following sources published by the Gale Group: Dictionary of Literary Biography, Vols. 121, 213.