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Harold Bloom

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Daryl Hine's In & Out … cheerfully subtitles itself "A Confessional Poem," and goes beyond that entire and benighted school in confessing as much of this poet's early life as nearly 13,000 lines of amazingly good verse can carry. Hine, previously a classical lyrist with affinities to Merrill, reveals himself as a natural story-teller and humorist. In & Out is one of the few poems I've read that has everything fresh and original to say about the quasi-identity of sexual and religious experience, but I suspect it will survive—despite its length and complexity—because the reader, once embarked, needs to know what will happen next. (p. 23)

Harold Bloom, "The Year's Books: Harold Bloom on Poetry, Part I," in The New Republic (reprinted by permission of The New Republic; © 1976 The New Republic, Inc.), Vol. 1975, No. 21, November 20, 1976, pp. 20, 22-3, 26.∗

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