William Bradford Principal Works

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Principal Works

(Literary Criticism (1400-1800))

*Of Plimmoth Plantation (history) c. 1630, c. 1646

A Dialogue or the sume of a Conference between som Younge men borne in New England and sundery Ancient-men that came out of holland and old England Anno dom 1648 (dialogue) 1648

A Dialogue or 3d Conference between some Younge-men borne in New-England, and some Ancient-men, which came out of Holand and Old England, concerning the Church, and the governmente thereof (dialogue) 1652

Governor Bradford's Letter Book (letters) 1794

William Bradford: The Collected Verse (poetry) 1974

*The first book of Of Plimmoth Plantation was begun in 1630. Work on the second book was begun in 1646. The manuscripts were lost around the time of the American Revolution, rediscovered in 1855, and published in 1856 as History of Plymouth Plantation.