Will Grayson, Will Grayson Characters

John Green


Will Grayson (Chicago)

Will Grayson of Chicago is one of the two protagonists from Will Grayson, Will Grayson. At the start of the story, Will reveals that his rules are “1. Shut up. 2. Don’t care too much. And 3. Never kiss a girl you like.” When Tiny tries to set Will up with Jane, he refuses to try to form a relationship with her because he is confused about his feelings for her. When Will’s parents suggest that they have found a suitable university program for Will, he accepts their advice without complaint. In many ways, Will’s primary conflict is that he refuses to engage in many aspects of life because he is too passive. Among other things, he finds that he is attracted and not attracted to Jane at the same time, but he refuses to see which of these two opposing impulses represents his true feelings.

When Will finds himself ditched and alone in a hotdog joint while Tiny and Jane watch the Maybe Dead Cats, Will comes to realize that “the problem with going where you’re pushed: sometimes you’re pushed here.” He resolves to be more assertive. Although Jane and her boyfriend get back together, Will refuses to accept this and begins to pursue Jane with more dedication. Jane responds to his increased confidence and they begin, in Will’s words, “not not-dating.” Although Will has begun to be more assertive, he is still hesitant in his relationships.

However, just as his relationship with Jane begins to come together, his relationship with Tiny falls apart. Will overhears Tiny explain to his cast that Phil Wrayson is terrified even though he acts like he does not care. Tiny goes on to say:

I want to hear the quiver in his voice when he’s singing, the need he hopes no one can hear. Because that’s gotta be what makes him so annoying.

Deeply hurt, Will examines his relationship with Tiny and realizes that all along he thought that Tiny was his gay sidekick. He now sees himself as a needy, forgettable nobody whom Tiny has protected and defended.

However, after talking to his...

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