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Their opinion: If at the cost of going backwards internally, he restores Germany’s power externally, then this cost is worthwhile. Conditions at home can always be made good later – politics is just not a clean business. [. . .]

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This quote offers an explanation of the internal justification by those who supported Adolf Hitler and the Nazi government. Germany was crippled after the First World War. The country was humiliated by the War Guilt Clause of the Treaty of Versailles, and the reparations being made to France led to severe inflation. Eager to once again be an international player, the people of Germany saw Hitler's ideology as a way to end their struggles.

That is the fantastic thing about the National Socialists, that they simultaneously share in a community of ideas with Soviet Russia and with Zion.

This is a great irony. Zionists and communists were the two great enemies of the Nazis. They constantly preached of a powerful, overarching Zionist movement that leached off of Germany, and communists were seen as enemies of the state. Before the persecution of Jews came the persecution of communists.

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