Wild Horses

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

Dick Francis published his first mystery, DEAD CERT, in 1962. Since then, he has published more than thirty mysteries. A new mystery from Francis is almost a guaranteed bestseller. A former jockey himself, horse racing always plays some part in one of his novels. The work of a very precise writer, WILD HORSES stands up as one of Francis’ most sure creations. An aging racing writer, Valentine Clark, reveals on his deathbed information that sheds new light on the twenty-five-year-old hanging of a horse trainer’s attractive wife. It is Thomas Lyon, a film director, who is visiting Clark and is on hand to hear the shocking revelation. Clark had believed that he was unburdening himself to a priest. The remarkable coincidence is that Lyon is in the process of making a film version of the woman’s tragic death. The film would be based on a novel that had been published about the case.

Lyon soon learns that the making of the film will be a dangerous undertaking. The film is being shot on location in Newmarket, England, where the death had occurred. Lyon concludes that he must unravel the mystery of the twenty-five-year-old case. The wife’s death had been ruled a suicide, but Lyon is shocked into the realization that the death had to be a murder. After violence visits the film set, Lyon knows that there can be no turning back until the case is solved. WILD HORSES is vintage Francis.