Wide Sargasso Sea Part 3, Section 1 Summary

Jean Rhys

Part 3, Section 1 Summary

Rochester’s father and brother have both died, so the family estate and fortune now belong to Rochester. After living in Jamaica for a while, Rochester returns to England. Grace Poole has been employed at the estate. Her sole responsibility is to look after Antoinette. Rochester wants nothing more to do with his wife and has set up an apartment for her in a special section of the house. Grace is to stay with Antoinette at all times.

Antoinette once again returns as the narrator. It is obvious that she is confused. Her memory seems scattered; she does not know why she is in this cold, dark place. She does not know what it is she is required to do.

At night after Grace has fallen asleep, sometimes Antoinette...

(The entire section is 590 words.)