Wide Sargasso Sea Part 2, Section 6 Summary

Jean Rhys

Part 2, Section 6 Summary

Rochester takes over the narration. He is at home while Antoinette is at Christophine’s. Baptiste tells Rochester where Antoinette has gone. While Rochester waits for Antoinette’s return, another letter arrives for him from Daniel. Before reading the letter, Rochester quizzes Amelie about Daniel; he wants to know if Daniel is Amelie’s friend. Amelie says he is not. Nonetheless, Rochester tells Amelie to tell Daniel that he no longer wants to receive letters from him. The letters make him angry. Then he asks if Daniel’s last name is Cosway. Amelie responds that some people say that is his name and some people say it is not, but Daniel refers to himself as a Cosway. There are apparently many questions about Daniel’s...

(The entire section is 1036 words.)