Wide Sargasso Sea Part 2, Section 4 Summary

Jean Rhys

Part 2, Section 4 Summary

Rochester receives a letter from a man who claims to be Daniel Cosway, an illegitimate son of Antoinette’s father. He tells Rochester his version of Antoinette’s family history. He begins his letter by telling Rochester that the Mason family has deceived him because they have not revealed all the details of Antoinette’s background. Then he provides details.

Daniel states that Antoinette’s father came from an evil family that was also fraught with madness. Both Antoinette’s father and grandfather were victims of madness, Daniel writes. After Antoinette’s father died, her mother married Mr. Mason, whom Daniel claims truly loved her. But this was not good enough for the woman. She went crazy like her first...

(The entire section is 550 words.)