Wide Sargasso Sea Part 2, Section 3 Summary

Jean Rhys

Part 2, Section 3 Summary

The setting returns to Antoinette’s and Richard’s honeymoon. It is late afternoon when Rochester enters the dining room where supper is being set up. He is taken by surprise by Antoinette’s beauty. He had never noticed it before. As they eat, Antoinette asks questions about Rochester’s home country, England. She has heard England referred to as a dream and wants to know if this is true. Rochester tells her that the island on which they are staying is like a dream to him. In essence, he points out that the definition of a dream can be applied to both, depending on one’s experience with each place. If one is familiar with a place, it does not seem like a dream. But if one has never visited a place or is new to it, then it...

(The entire section is 692 words.)