Wide Sargasso Sea Part 1, Section 2 Summary

Jean Rhys

Part 1, Section 2 Summary

Antoinette is recuperating at her Aunt Cora’s house in Spanish Town, Jamaica. Antoinette has been in bed for several weeks. She finds that her long hair has been cut off and is surprised that she does not recall anyone cutting it. She also has no memory of how she arrived at her aunt’s house. When she asks about her brother, her aunt tells her that Pierre is dead. Her aunt also says that Antoinette’s mother has been taken to the country to regain her health. Antoinette recalls having heard her mother shouting before she left. Her mother threatened to kill Mr. Mason, her husband. She called him a coward.

A few weeks later, Antoinette travels with Christophine to visit her mother. When they reach the house where her...

(The entire section is 550 words.)