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Last Updated September 5, 2023.

White Teeth is a story by Zadie Smith. The story begins with Archie Jones, the protagonist of the story trying to kill himself. However, just like most of his other plans, the suicide attempt is also a failure. Archie is portrayed as irresolute and flips a coin to make hid decisions irrespective of their importance. His unbecoming behavior is said to have resulted in his separation with his ex-wife, Ophelia Diagilo. Later, he marries a young Jamaican woman named Clara Jones, who had dated Ryan Topps in her teenage years. The two are blessed with a daughter by the name Irie Jones. Irie becomes friends with Millat and Magid, the sons of Samad Iqbal, Archie’s best friend. Samad is married to Alsana Begum, a young woman who was promised to him even before her birth. When Samad sends Magid to Bangladesh, Millat and Irie end up spending most of their time with Marcus Chalfen’s family. This is because the two children are expected to learn both science and mathematics at the Chalfen’s homestead since Marcus Chalfen is a genetics specialist, while his wife, Joyce Chalfen, is a botanist and a housewife. Marcus and Joyce are blessed with a son by the name Joshua, who is a friend to both Irie and Millat.

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