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Where does DeLillo critique American education in White Noise?

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In White Noise, Don DeLillo pokes fun at American education by introducing characters who teach lectures with increasingly niche subject matters.

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Throughout Don Delillo's White Noise, the author satirizes contemporary American culture and its many aspects, including consumerism, chemical dependency, television obsession, and the increasingly niche subject matters taught in universities. The narrator Jack Gladney is the head of the department of Hitler Studies and spends much of his time reading Hitler's Nazi manifesto Mein Kampf, wearing ominously dark sunglasses, and dressing in clothing that gives him the proper appearance for such an unpleasant course.

Early on in the novel, Gladney is told by his fellow teacher, Murray,

You’ve established a wonderful thing here with Hitler...He is now your Hitler, Gladney’s Hitler (11).

Murray's suggestion is darkly comic. Through Murray, DeLillo is making fun of the idea of university professors owning a subject matter by mastering it, even if the subject matter is dark. Hitler being one of the most loathsome figures in contemporary history only furthers DeLillo's point.

Other instructors at Gladney's school teach courses on Elvis Presley and the "cinema of car crashes." These subject matters are very specific in their focus; DeLillo exaggerates and satirizes the idea of the niche and seemingly random subjects of courses taught in contemporary universities.

Another example is found outside of the university campus. Gladney's current wife, Babette, teaches courses to senior citizens about maintaining proper posture while sitting and walking. Later, she leads a class about the importance of drinking water and eating. These courses are of comically simplistic subject matter and don't offer anything to the students beyond common knowledge.

White Noise pokes fun at American education primarily by crafting satirically niche courses taught by neurotic and quirky instructors. They attempt to flaunt their superior knowledge over one another and attempt to acquire a sense of authority by mastering a subject matter with more depth than anybody else.

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