White Noise Part 3, Chapters 37 Summary

Don DeLillo

Part 3, Chapters 37 Summary

At noon, Gladney and Siskind begin walking and talking about death. Gladney says he is “just going through the motions” of living but is “technically dead.” An insecticide byproduct has created in him a nebulous mass, and it is a “shallow, unfulfilling” thing from which to die. Gladney thinks this death is unfair and premature. Despite Siskind’s urging him to loftier thoughts, Gladney’s only true regret is death itself. There is only one consideration: he wants to live.

Siskind asks for clarification, and Gladney assures him that he would be just as reluctant to die if he had lived a long, accomplished life. Siskind tells Gladney he is in the unique position to be able to speak of death with a certain...

(The entire section is 503 words.)