White Noise Part 3, Chapters 24 Summary

Don DeLillo

Part 3, Chapters 24 Summary

The next night Gladney inadvertently discovers the Dylar; it is in a plastic bottle taped to the underside of the bathroom radiator cover. He immediately gets Denise and they carefully examine the evidence. They leave the bottle intact and go to Denise’s room to talk privately.

Denise says that if confronted by the evidence, Babette will simply claim forgetfulness; Gladney wants to find out what Dylar is. At Christmastime, Denise went to three drugstores and tried to do that. None of them had ever heard of Dylar and found nothing about it when they looked it up in their lists.

Gladney will call Babette’s doctor at home, where he cannot hide behind answering services, receptionists, or nurses; Denise...

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