White Noise Part 2, Chapter 21 (Pages 117-125) Summary

Don DeLillo

Part 2, Chapter 21 (Pages 117-125) Summary

Twenty minutes after the loudspeaker’s warning, the Gladneys are in the car. The radio announcer says all evacuees from the west end of town are to go to the abandoned Boy Scout camp, where Red Cross workers would provide coffee and juice; those leaving the east end of town should report to the Kung Fu Palace restaurant.

The Gladneys join the procession heading for the camp. Behind them, they hear the loudspeaker’s warning: “Abandon all domiciles. Now, now. Toxic event, chemical cloud.”

Snow begins to fall and the Gladneys are silent as they attempt to assimilate what is happening to them. They examine the faces of the people in the vehicles next to them, trying to gauge how frightened they should...

(The entire section is 505 words.)