White Noise Part 1, Chapter 5 Summary

Don DeLillo

Part 1, Chapter 5 Summary

Jack Gladney feels as if he should enjoy his current “aimless days” because he fears they are somehow about to accelerate. At the breakfast table, Babette reads everyone’s horoscopes aloud; Gladney tries not to listen, although subconsciously he is hoping for some clue about his future.

He and Babette see Murray Jay Siskind at the grocery store, and it is obvious they have disparate shopping strategies. While the Gladneys’ cart is full of items with bright packaging and modern products, Siskind’s cart contains only a few items, all with the most generic packaging. His jar of roasted peanuts, for example, only has the words “Irregular Peanuts” in black, block lettering on a white label. As they talk,...

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