A White Horse Summary
by Thom Jones

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A White Horse Summary

(Comprehensive Guide to Short Stories, Critical Edition)

“A White Horse” follows an amnesiac who calls himself “Ad Magic” as he slowly regains his memory within a phantasmagoric landscape of beachfront Bombay, India. The story begins when the tour bus in which Ad Magic is riding crashes into a truck. Ad Magic has had a premonition of the accident, but that does not stop him from hurtling down the center aisle of the bus. A candy on which he was sucking becomes trapped in his throat, and he is saved by the Bahraini tourists with whom he has been traveling. The event is another source of humor to the other tourists, who have been laughing at him all day. Earlier, at a cave containing a statue of Buddha, they had managed to scare a huge group of bats into flight, sending them swooping toward Ad Magic and causing him to fall into an inch-deep layer of bat guano.

Ad Magic leaves the bus and heads toward the beach. He meets a young boy who carries a monkey dressed in a red uniform. Ad Magic gives the boy an expensive sweater and so much money that his tour guide insults him. He begins walking away from the tour, past advertisements, a drainage ditch, and a shantytown.

He spies a white horse, which appears about to die. At that moment, he realizes he has once again stopped taking his medications, which has led him to wander away from his daily life, this time to India. He has no idea what his real name is, only that his nickname is Ad Magic. His pockets contain a huge roll of money and a hotel room key. He knows he can determine his identity back in that room, but he does not yet want to know.

As Ad Magic sits with the boy and his monkey, bits of his memory return. He recalls a doctor telling him that he has epilepsy and that it periodically causes him to forget his identity, disappear, and rush about the world, much like a character in a soap opera. Ad Magic knows he has periods of deep depression, in which he feels hatred for everything and everyone, but at this moment, his concern is for the white horse and its suffering.

He determines that the horse used to work for the circus that once occupied the area into which he has wandered. He calls for a doctor and returns to the remains of a Ferris wheel that might have once been turned by the horse. The sight brings back another memory, this time of a childhood visit to a fair, where he had climbed out of a bumper car, fallen, and then been rescued, perhaps by his father.

A doctor arrives,...

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