the book cover of A White Heron eNotes Reading Response Prompts

A White Heron eNotes Reading Response Prompts

by eNotes

  • Release Date: October 07, 2019
  • Subjects: Language Arts and Literature
  • Age Levels: Grade 10 and Grade 9
  • Pages: 10
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  • Who are Sylvia and Mistress Moolly? How does Sylvia feel about Mistress Moolly? In what ways are they companions?
  • Describe Sylvia’s life on her grandmother’s farm. How does living on the farm suit Sylvia’s nature and personality? Explain why Sylvia feels happier at the farm than she had felt in her previous surroundings.
  • The hunter is an ornithologist, a person who studies birds. Describe his bird collection. Why is he so determined to add a white heron to his collection? What are some details that show this determination?
  • Throughout the story, nature plays an important role. What kinds of birds and animals are found in the story? How does the author bring nature into the story through the landscape of the farm and the area that surrounds it? If you drew a map of the farm, what would it show?
  • Why would Sylvia’s grandmother and the hunter suspect that Sylvia has at least seen the white heron at some time? How do they press Sylvia to tell what she knows about the heron?


These eNotes Reading Response Prompts are designed to encourage your students to read more effectively and with more pleasure by giving them interesting subjects to write about after they have read. Many of the prompts will take them directly into the text, while others will give them an opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings and to reflect on their own experiences.

A second purpose of the eNotes Reading Response Prompts is to facilitate instruction in ways that work for you in the classroom. The organization of the prompts makes them easy to use, and the content and construction of the prompts are designed to develop students’ knowledge and academic skills.