Topics for Discussion

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1. Compare White Fang's life in the wild with his life on Weedon Scott's ranch. Which is better for White Fang? Why?

2. What is "the law of meat" and how does it operate?

3. Why do the humans seem to be "gods" in White Fang's eyes?

4. After White Fang escapes from Gray Beaver, why does he come crawling back?

5. What advantages does White Fang's wolf blood give him over other dogs?

6. London describes the relationship between Gray Beaver and White Fang as a "covenant." What does London imply through his choice of that word?

7. What makes Beauty Smith's treatment of White Fang so much worse than Gray Beaver's? How does it alter White Fang's character?

8. Explain why White Fang responds so cautiously to Weedon Scott's love. What changes must White Fang make to adapt to life in California?

9. What particular challenge does each of these dogs present to White Fang's development: Lip-lip, Cherokee, and Collie?

10. What factors are responsible for Jim Hall's becoming a vicious criminal?

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