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Characters Discussed

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Sir Nigel Loring

Sir Nigel Loring, an English nobleman. Although he is soft-spoken and slight of build, with squinting eyes, he is a brave man. He leads the White Company of English bowmen. He is captured by the Moors in Spain but released after a period of captivity.

Alleyne Edricson

Alleyne Edricson, a young Englishman reared in the Abbey of Beaulieu. He leaves the abbey a timid, unworldly person, but he develops into a brave yet gentle knight, becoming the Socman of Minstead. He falls in love with Lady Maude, Sir Nigel Loring’s daughter, and finally wins her hand in marriage.

Lady Maude

Lady Maude, the daughter of Sir Nigel Loring. She is a beautiful and spirited young aristocrat. When Alleyne proves himself as a knight, she agrees to marry him.

Hordle John

Hordle John, an immensely strong young Englishman who fails to adapt himself to the life in the Abbey of Beaulieu, where he is a novitiate. Leaving the abbey, he becomes a bowman in the White Company. A good soldier, he finally becomes squire to Alleyne after Alleyne is knighted by Prince Edward.

Samkin Aylward

Samkin Aylward, a bowman in the White Company, a companion to Alleyne.

The Socman of Minstead

The Socman of Minstead, Alleyne Edricson’s brother. A great, yellow-bearded fellow, he is a rascal. He mistreats Lady Maude, who is rescued by Alleyne. He is killed while assaulting Sir Nigel’s castle in Sir Nigel’s absence.

The Abbot of Beaulieu

The Abbot of Beaulieu (boh-LYEW), a stern, unworldly man. He is Alleyne’s guardian.

The Seneschal of Villefranche

The Seneschal of Villefranche (veel-FRAH[N]SH), a wicked and rapacious French lord who drives his serfs to hatred and violence. When his serfs rebel, he is brutally killed. The rebellion endangers the lives of his English guests, who include Sir Nigel and Hordle John.

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