Literary Techniques

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White Butterfly displays the mastery of realism and characterization that marks the Easy Rawlins series, which follows and uniquely...

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Ideas for Group Discussions

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Mosley is deeply concerned about exposing the evils of racism through his fiction, and his writings should thus provoke stimulating...

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Social Concerns

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In White Butterfly, Mosley explores the injustices of racism through a historical perspective on the life of Easy Rawlins, the novel's...

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Geherin, David. The American Private Eye: The Image in Fiction. New York: Frederick Ungar, 1985. Geherin examines some of the more prominent fictional private eyes, discussing development and common attributes. Features a chapter on the “compassionate” private eyes, among whom Easy Rawlins would certainly be numbered.

Hitchens, Christopher. “The Tribes of Walter Mosley.” Vanity Fair 56 (February, 1993): 46-50. Using the favorable comments of newly elected president Bill Clinton as a springboard, this interview features Mosley’s assessment of his mixed (black and Jewish) cultural roots.

Hughes, Carl...

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Literary Precedents

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Generally discounted is any real tie between Mosley's Easy Rawlins novels and the formal mystery tradition which includes Arthur Conan...

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Related Titles

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Mosley retains the same themes of alienation and racism through novels which maintain chronological continuity. The character Easy Rawlins is...

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An abridged book-on-tape edition of White Butterfly, read by Paul Winfield, was published in 1993 by Audio Renaissance. In 1994 Audio...

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