In Whirligig, what does Brent recall about disappointments when Beale Beach fails his expectations?

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This episode happens in the seventh chapter, titled “Apprentices.” Brent has arrived on the west coast of Florida. He had only ever visited the east coast before, with his parents, when they used to live in Atlanta. Now he is surprised by the differences. The Gulf Bay water is warmer, and its waves are quite calmer. He remembers that someone at the hostel in San Diego said “that the disappointments on her trip sometimes turned into the best experiences.” Brent decides to give this area a chance. He checks into a hotel and pages through the whirligig book. His ears are assaulted by the next-door neighbor’s loud television and by his own room's radio playing Dixieland. When Brent lands on a marching band design for a whirligig, he thinks it is perfect for the moment. This is the one he builds at the nearby restaurant, with the help of his young “apprentices.”

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