What do the girls come to see in chapter two of Fleischman's Whirligig?

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Alexandra and Steph are eighth graders in Weeksboro, Maine. On a day near Christmas, they trudge out through the snow to see the whirligig marked with the name Lea Rosalia Santos Zamora. They don’t know that Brent created it, and they don’t know the real reason behind its installment. But Alexandra believes in mystical and spiritual things. She thinks the whirligig is a prayer to the wind that will fulfill someone’s wishes. She thinks Steph needs a boyfriend. So they do a guided imagery exercise, imagining a boy. And a young boy does show up soon afterward, and he eventually becomes Steph’s boyfriend. This story is told by Steph as a flashback, three years later. She still believes in the power of the whirligig and she still takes care of it every winter.

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