How does Stephanie in Whirligig meet her boyfriend?

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We can find the answer to your question in the chapter on "Weeksboro, Maine."

In that chapter, two teenage girls, Stephanie and Alexandra, drive out to a point in Weeksboro. The location is near the McQuillen household, presumably a family known by both girls.

It is here that the girls see one of Brent's whirligigs. During much of their time near the ocean, Alexandra tries to engage Stephanie in a guided imagery exercise. For her part, Alexandra believes that guided imagery will help Stephanie reinvent herself and aid her in acquiring a boyfriend.

During the exercise, Alexandra tries to get Stephanie to picture meeting a handsome French-Canadian kayaker, who is also a biologist. Although the girls have fun, the guided imagery exercise falls flat.

Later in the story, Stephanie meets her boyfriend, Kyle, after learning that he and his nine-year-old brother are spending Christmas vacation with the McQuillens.

Since the point is located near the McQuillen home, we can assume that Stephanie manages to become acquainted with Kyle there. According to Stephanie, Kyle isn't tall, a French-Canadian, a biologist, or even a kayaker. However, he does play jazz on his trumpet and frequently plays his compositions to her over the phone.

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