When No One Was Looking

by Rosemary Wells

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Ideas for Reports and Papers

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1. Write an epilogue to the book in which you state what happens to Kathy and to Julia.

2. Investigate the ranking in tennis. How are top seed players determined? What type of competitions would a player have to win in order to make it to Wimbledon?

3. Interview an amateur tennis player or a competitor in another individualistic sport. What are his or her goals in the sport, how does he or she train, and what effect has competition had on his or her life?

4. There are people who think that young adolescents should not be involved in competitive sports, while others believe that the earlier a talent is discovered and nurtured, the better. Investigate the rationale for both points of view, then argue for one of them. Support your argument and use your understanding of the other point of view to counter opposition to your ideas.

5. Select a talent you have (or wish you had) in athletics, art, music, or an academic field and imagine that you are the best in the world at what you do. Write about what it took to become the best, what sacrifices you made, and what it is like to be the best.

6. Kathy's secret dream is to be the first female shortstop for the Boston Red Sox. Describe your own secret dream and what it might take to achieve it.

7. Investigate the availability of financial support for amateur athletes, such as tennis players or Olympic hopefuls.

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