What They Don't Teach You at Harvard Business School Summary

Mark H. McCormack

What They Don’t Teach You at Harvard Business School

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

Mark H. McCormack, the founder of IMG (International Management Group), first achieved fame as the manager of Arnold Palmer’s money interests and is largely responsible for turning sports into big business with endorsements, lines of clothing, television programming, and such. His reference to Harvard Business School is clearly a sales gimmick. McCormack never studied at that school and admits that he intends the book not to criticize Harvard but rather to point out what no business school can teach. He stresses that managers must spend more time on the selling aspect of business, for without sales, there would be no business to manage. He believes that even chief executive officers must do a certain amount of selling of ideas, and he offers tips on timing, the power of silence, how to get ahead, the issues of whom to trust and where to place one’s loyalty, how to read people, and countless other common-sense approaches that will put one ahead in the business world.

The book consists of short subject entries, a format which makes reading easy even for those with little time. It is liberally interspersed with names of famous sports figures that McCormack’s company has represented and gives concrete examples of real-life business situations involving them. The blatant name-dropping may annoy some readers, as may McCormack’s rambling anecdotal style, but along with the excess verbiage there are pearls of wisdom which will help anyone who must “sell” his ideas to another person. The rising business executive will not want to miss reading this catalog of good advice on how to manage people and get ahead in the real world.