What My Mother Doesn't Know Characters

Sonya Sones


Sophie Stein

Fourteen-year-old Sophie is the main character of the novel. She is creative, funny, and has a mature perspective for her age. For most of the novel, she deals with the changing hormones and roller-coaster emotions associated with her time of life. With remarkable incisiveness, Sophie is able to see to the heart of matters and make good decisions for herself that help her to maintain her happiness and independence. She takes her rather unsteady home situation in stride, and she does her best to show love to her parents despite their seeming indifference. Right on the cusp of more serious teenage years, Sophie is still able to occasionally let go and be silly with her girl friends; however, as life presents her with difficult situations, she navigates them with thoughtful deliberation, setting a good example for many adolescent girls.

Grace and Rachel

These two girls are Sophie’s best friends, and they have been for years. They provide invaluable support; they give each other comfort and laughter as each girl deals with divorces, break ups, and the embarrassments that often come with growing up. At one point in the story, Grace starts dating a new boy, and their happiness prompts Sophie to wonder why she does not feel like that with Dylan. It is the first step in her journey toward breaking up with him. At the end of the novel, Rachel and Grace also serve as the voice of society’s judgments; Sophie is worried about what they will think and do when they find out she is dating Murphy. In the end, she realizes that what people think is less important than how she feels.


Handsome and charming, Dylan is the boy that Sophie is dating at the beginning of the novel. At first she is completely smitten with him, but she soon realizes that she cares more for his looks than for his personality. Dylan serves to point out the lesson that someone’s appearance is not an...

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