What Men Don't Want Women to Know Summary

Doe, Smith

What Men Don’t Want Women to Know

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

Aiming to advance communication between men and women, Smith and Doe provide an often humorous, inside look into the male psyche. The authors look at the male as first and foremost a sexual animal. Their book is based on the following premise—a man’s actions are grounded in his functioning at a primal sexual level. A man’s sexual fantasies, secrets, and lies are exposed in chapters entitled “Bachelor Parties,” “Life at the Office,” and “Deny, Deny, Deny!”

Also included in this amusing, frequently over-the-top look at the male are proven techniques for getting a man to confess to infidelity (past or present), particulars on overseeing his monetary matters, and a seventy-five question fidelity test. The following is a sample question from this test: “Has he ever told you he’s going on a business trip but that he’s not exactly sure which days he’ll be where and what hotels he’s staying at (but he’ll let you know as soon as he does)?” The manual concludes with a “condensed guide to training your man.” Smith and Doe list seven key precepts every woman must follow if she is to gain a man’s complete trust and unconditional friendship. The authors contend if a woman follows these tips, she will be able to understand and handle the man in her life.

Fearing retribution for revealing the secrets of the male animal, “Smith and Doe” remain nameless throughout the book and only reveal that they live in Southern California and work in the entertainment industry. While Smith and Doe have addressed some interesting and arguably valid points in this book, it is more comical than it is serious.