What Every Woman Should Know About Her Husband's Money Summary

Shelby White

What Every Woman Should Know About Her Husband’s Money

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

WHAT EVERY WOMAN SHOULD KNOW ABOUT HER HUSBAND’S MONEY is a book written for changing times. In previous generations, women could count on being protected financially by either husbands or families. That protection came at the cost, many believe, of subservience and lack of opportunity. With liberation, however, came new problems. Shelby White’s book discusses how women can avoid many of these problems.

White’s advice is divided into two large categories: what women can do to protect themselves and ensure equitable treatment while married, and what they can do to protect themselves should they become single. Not much is said, as the book’s title implies, about women who are single.

Equitable treatment comes from knowing as much about family finances as possible and being part of all financial decisions. White encourages couples to compile statements of net worth and cash flow projections so that each partner knows where the couple stands. She also encourages long-range planning for retirement and points out many of the legalities of pension plans of which couples should be aware.

A larger portion of White’s advice concerns protection against the possibility of becoming single, whether through divorce or spousal death. Divorce receives particular attention, because with women’s liberation came relaxation in laws involving alimony and support payments. The courts now expect divorced women to enter or reenter the labor...

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