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1. Conduct interviews with students regarding important symbols of achievement that are present in your high school. How do these recognitions affect the status of those achieving them? Are they equally obtainable by females and males?

2. T. J.'s dad refers to communication among whales. Research and write a brief report on this phenomenon. How is whale communication different from communication between other animals?

3. Read another book by Crutcher, and compare the themes of the two novels.

4. Create an original poster which reflects the major social issues presented in Whale Talk. Be prepared to explain your poster.

5. Working with a partner, select a particular chapter from Whale Talk and rewrite it as a screenplay. You may include set design or casting in your directions.

6. Some adults want Chris Crutcher's books banned because they deal with sensitive topics and contain profanity. Write an editorial defending Crutcher's book or advocating its banning from school shelves. Your argument should be well organized and contain clearly stated reasons. Support your argument.

7. The story surprises the reader with its tragic ending. Write the next chapter in T. J.'s life. How will he cope with his father's death? What will happen between T. J. and his newly discovered half brother?

8. Georgia is a child psychologist who helps T. J. as a young boy and later tries to help Heidi overcome abuse. Research this career. What sort of training does it require? What does the career involve? What sort of techniques are frequently used in child counseling?
9. Write an original song or poem based on Whale Talk or about the lives of one of the characters.

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