The Westing Game

by Ellen Raskin

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Topics for Discussion

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1. Angela runs out of the library when the heirs are talking about Chris. Why does she do this? What does she find to put in her embroidery bag?

2. Judge J. J. Ford is mystified that E. J. Plum has been hired to handle such an important man's estate. Why was Plum hired?

3. Look at the newspaper column that announces Sam Westing's death and tells about his life. How many clues to the mystery can you find in the column?

4. Why does Crow want to do something good for Angela? What does she do?

5. Why does Sandy the doorman keep telling Judge Ford about his poor family and how much he needs money? Why is it important that Judge Ford give him money?

6. Why does Turtle take the blame for the bombings?

7. Why is Jake a good partner for Mrs. Hoo? Is Mrs. Hoo a good partner for Jake?

8. What kind of person is Denton Deere at the beginning of the novel? How does he benefit from being Chris Theodorakis's partner?

9. Why are Theo and Chris, rather than Mr. Theodorakis, Westing heirs?

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