The Westing Game

by Ellen Raskin

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In The Westing Game, what did Turtle discover in Angela's hospital bag?

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In The Westing Game, Turtle discovered "incriminating evidence" in Angela's hospital bag, which pointed to Angela being the bomber. This evidence was related to a bomb that had exploded in Angela's face. Turtle removed this evidence from the bag and subtly confronted Angela about her actions, expressing her gratitude that Angela took the brunt of the explosion instead of her.

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Chapter 16 sees Angela Wexler having a bomb blow up in her face. She is taken to the hospital for her injuries. The majority of the chapter has various characters then trying to figure out who the bomber is, and nobody suspects Angela. Near the end of the chapter, Angela's...

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parents visit her in the hospital to check on her and give her some encouraging words. Turtle stays a bit longer to say her thanks for Angela not letting the bomb go off in Turtle's face. Turtle also brought Angela's bag, and Turtle is sure to mention that she didn't go through Angela's notes or clues. Those two things are for sure in the bag. The third item in the bag was "incriminating evidence."

"Here, I brought your tapestry bag; I didn’t look at your notes or clues, honest.” But she had removed the incriminating evidence.

Whatever this evidence is, it points to Angela being the bomber. As Turtle is leaving, she tells her sister that bombing herself was stupid. Sydelle overhears this and therefore now knows Angela's secret too.

“Don’t worry, you’ll still be pretty,” Turtle said. “But, wow, that sure was a dumb thing to do.”

Sydelle Pulaski’s eyes popped open in surprise. Quickly she squeezed them shut and uttered another loud snore. Well, what do you know? Her sweet, saintly partner was the bomber.

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The answer to this question can be found in Chapter 16, after the party that is held for Angela's forthcoming wedding where she unwraps a bomb or a firework that explodes in her face leaving her with a wound on her cheek. What Turtle whispers to Angela after their parents have left is that she knows it was her sister who is the bomber and who planted the fireworks in that package so that when she opened the present they would explode in her face. Turtle therefore thanks her sister that she pulled the package towards her face rather than allowing it to explode in Turtle's face. Note what Turtle says to Angela:

"I brought your tapestry bag; I didn't look at your notes or clues, honest." But she had removed the incriminating evidence.

Turtle obviously finds evidence that shows it was Angela who purchased the fireworks and then wrapped them up before opening them, showing without a doubt that she is the bomber everybody is looking for.

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