The Westing Game

by Ellen Raskin

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What did Judge Ford and Sandy discover about Mr. Westing and Violet Westing?

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Upon questioning George Theodorakis in Chapter 20 of The Westing Game, Judge Ford and Sandy McSouthers learn of his history as Violet Westing's childhood sweetheart. Although the young lovers planned to get married someday, Mrs. Westing broke up the love affair, deeming George too working class and desiring that her daughter marry someone important. The arranged marriage between Violet and an up-and-coming politician led to her suicide as the wedding date approached, and Judge Ford and Sandy are surprised to learn that it was Mrs. Westing, not Sam Westing, who had arranged the marriage. Sam Westing's desire was for Violet to take over his paper company, and he had grown disinterested in her future once her lack of business sense became apparent. At this point in the novel, Judge Ford deduces that Mrs. Westing must be one of the heirs, that her life is in danger since Sam Westing blames her for Violet's death, and that the Westing Game is being used as a means to punish her.

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