The Westing Game

by Ellen Raskin

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Chapters 27-30 Summary

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Crow is released from custody. In the final page of the will, Sam Westing admits to having been “otherwise known as Sandy McSouthers and others.” He leaves the title to Sunset Towers to all of his heirs to share among themselves, and he leaves three ten-thousand-dollar checks in game money to his former wife, Berthe Erica Crow. No mention is made of the promised two hundred million dollars. When some of the players grumble about this, J. J. Ford succintly explains, “We lost the game.” Outside, a fantastic “fireworks extravaganza” begins, and when it is over, the infamous Westing house burns to the ground.

In the morning, Turtle sets out secretly to collect her prize. She goes to meet the “newly-elected chairman of the board” of the Westing Corporation—Sam Westing’s final alter-ego, Julian Eastman. The “four winds” of Windy Windkloppel are Sam Westing, Barney Northrup, Sandy McSouthers, and Julian Eastman. When Turtle sees Mr. Eastman, she says tentatively, “Hi, Sandy...I won.”

Turtle goes to visit Sandy, as she continues to call him, every Saturday to play chess, and she never gives away his secret. In the aftermath of the Westing game, Otis Amber and Crow get married. J. J. Ford, who accepts that she will never completely solve the “Westing puzzle,” uses the money from the sale of her share of Sunset Towers to pay for the education of Chris Theodorakis, whose physical condition is much improved thanks to the experimental medication he has received through his partner, Denton Deere. Theo, too, goes away to college. James Hoo starts a successful business selling his paper innersole in drugstores and shoe shops. His wife, “Sunny” Hoo, assists him and no longer yearns to return to China. Sydelle Pulaski returns to her old job and receives plenty of attention because she is now an heiress. Jake Wexler quits his private practice as a podiatrist and becomes a government official, “thanks to a recommendation by Judge Ford.” Grace Wexler is proud of her husband and is herself the new owner of a chain of Chinese restaurants modeled after Hoo's On First. Angela calls off her wedding to Denton Deere and enrolls in college to pursue her dream of going to medical school.

Five years later, Doug Hoo wins a gold medal at the Olympics, and the Westing heirs gather at the Hoos’s “new lakefront home” to celebrate. Otis and Crow, who continue to work at the soup kitchen, are in attendance, as is Theo Theodorakis, who has graduated from journalism school. Angela Wexler, who is in her third year at medical school, is reunited with Denton Deere, who has never married. Sydelle Pulaski shows up carrying a red and white polka dot crutch that matches her dress; she is engaged to be married to the president of her company.

Chris Theodorakis introduces his girlfriend, Shirley, to J. J. Ford. Grace Wexler is the caterer for the party, and she proudly points out her daughter Turtle to Theo. Turtle calls herself T. R. now, and at eighteen she is “really grown up.” She is quite attractive and is especially radiant because earlier that day she finally beat Sandy at chess.

Several years later, Julian Eastman lies on his deathbed, with Turtle by his side. T. R. has an advanced degree in corporate law and serves as legal counsel to the Westing Corporation. Julian, or Sandy, as Turtle still calls him, asks about the heirs of the Westing game, and Turtle fills him in on the details of their lives. Judge Ford has been appointed to the Supreme Court and...

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Sydelle Pulaski has moved with her husband to Hawaii. Turtle then prevaricates, saying that Crow and Otis Amber are still working at the soup kitchen, but in reality they died within a week of each other two years previously. Angela Wexler is an orthopedic surgeon and married Denton Deere after all, in her own time. Flora Baumbach now lives with Turtle, while Mr. and Mrs. Theodorakis have retired in Florida. Chris Theodorakis married his girlfriend, Shirley, and both are professors of ornithology at the university. After winning two consecutive Olympics, Doug Hoo currently works as a television sports announcer. James Hoo has died, but Turtle tells Sandy only that his invention turned out to be a real winner and that Sunny Hoo continues to run his business.

Grace Wexler is a successful restaurateur, and she and Jake are doing well. Turtle’s husband, Theo, has just written his second novel. Although the two have decided not to have children for fear of passing on Chris’s disease, Turtle tells Sandy that if they have a child, they will name it after him. Sandy grows quiet now. After telling T. R. to ask Crow to pray for him, he slips gently away, taking a little bit of Turtle with him. She never tells anyone her secret, not even Theo.

Immediately after the funeral service for Julian Eastman, Turtle hurries away to spend time with Angela’s daughter, Alice, who wears her hair in a long pigtail down her back. Turtle is teaching her to play chess.


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