Waylon Jennings Peter Guralnick - Essay

Peter Guralnick

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

[Waylon Jennings] is part of the vanguard that is said to be revolutionizing country music. Or at least making inroads by reinjecting the maverick element into a music that was populated to begin with by such maverick, unpredictable, and slightly unsavory spirits as Jimmie Rodgers, Bob Wills, and Hank Williams.

His songs present a picture of the raffish hero in love with the essential seediness of twentieth-century America, the unregenerate rebel who looks back with a mixture of pride and regret on all the loves he's lost and all the hell-raising fun he's had…. His landmark album, Honky Tonk Heroes, reflected the same hell-raising image. The defiant stance suits Waylon Jennings. You get the...

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