Waylon Jennings

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Noel Coppage

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Several of his previous albums have been hurt by erratic song selection, but in RCA's new "Dreaming My Dreams" Jennings has smoothed that out pretty well…. Let's All Help the Cowboys is a simple three-chord country song (C-F-G, if that saves you some time), but it has such charm that, well, I couldn't do anything else until I'd sat down with the guitar and learned that little sucker. The song that gives the album its title is clearly an outstanding one; you can hate country music and still love it…. High Time (You Quit Your Low-Down Ways), whose country clichés are maybe a little too commonplace, too everyday, is the album's low point, but it isn't serious enough about being a bad country song to keep this album from being one of the year's better recordings.

Noel Coppage, "Waylon Jennings: Suddenly a Low-pitched Baritone Is the Voice to Have," in Stereo Review (copyright © 1975 by Ziff-Davis Publishing Company), Vol. 35, No. 4, October, 1975, p. 74.

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