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Why did Captain Holly leave the Saddleford Warren in Watership Down?

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This is such a great novel.  I remember using this in my English class several years ago.  Fiver told Hazel that something terrible was going to happen to their warren.   Captain Holly was the head security officer at the warren. He was a lot like Bigwig.  Holly wasn't a bad Captain, but his devotion to duty, and especially to the Chief Rabbit, sort of blinded him to his officers bullying the other rabbits.  As it turned out, Holly was only one of two rabbits who remained behind and survived the bulldozers and the poisonous gas the humans used to destroy the warren.   The humans destroyed the warren because they were building a new subdivision.   Holly escaped with his life, but wandered into Efrafa and was held prisoner for a time before escaping with the help of a doe named Hyzenthlay. He eventually tracked down Bigwig and the others and joined their quest to Watership Down.

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