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(Great Characters in Literature)

John Donner

John Donner, a prolific author who has written a book about his hometown of Unionville, which is now under the water of Lake Kronos. Donner returns to visit the relocated graveyards holding the bodies of his family: the Donners, the Morgans, and the Scarletts. Perhaps he is secretly trying to find a resting place for himself, perhaps he is trying to go home again, and perhaps he is trying to penetrate the murky waters of memory and find his past.

Elijah S. Morgan

Elijah S. Morgan, Donner’s grandfather, a pastor, a Union supporter, and the father of Aunt Jessie and John’s father, Harry.

Great-Grandfather Scarlett

Great-Grandfather Scarlett, who had helped to name Unionville. This captain in the War of 1812 was a squire, a legislator, and an “oil inspector.” He has a 20-foot marble monument and a plot numbered 732.

Great Aunt Teresa

Great Aunt Teresa, a teacher who has celebrated both Grandfather Morgan and Great-Grandfather Scarlett in poems, many of which were printed in The Unionville Herald and the Lutheran Messenger. She is in her last years when John returns to Unionville. John remembers how she had fled her home whenever she could. She invites John inside the home, whereas his Aunt Jessie did not.

The Reverend Harry A. Donner

The Reverend Harry A. Donner, John’s father, the only...

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(Great Characters in Literature)

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