Water for Elephants Chapter 7 Summary
by Sara Gruen

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Chapter 7 Summary

August and Marlena have requested Jacob to go to car number 48; because the cars are not numbered in order, it takes Jacob some time to find the right one. Once there, Jacob realizes that the room is glorious with many amenities. Marlena gets Jacob a beer, and he asks how there happens to be so much alcohol on the train with Prohibition and all. She says that the train goes to Canada at the beginning of the season to load up, and the stash is hidden with the camels when passing through Customs. Marlena apologizes for what August did to Jacob’s arm, and August comes out and shows Jacob that he has arranged for him to have a tuxedo for the evening. The three get changed, and dinner is served. There are many delicacies that Jacob does not think he will finish. Afterward, August tells Jacob about how he wooed Marlena and convinced her to marry him. Then August puts on music, and he and Marlena dance while Jacob watches from an armchair in a drunken stupor. August then stares hard at Marlena, and Jacob becomes concerned. August grabs Marlena by the chin, kisses her, and then collapses on the bed. Jacob questions Marlena about August’s behavior. Marlena says that August can be very charming and then suddenly act quite the opposite, just like he was during the incident with Rex the lion. She points out that Jacob is Polish and August is Jewish and that often Poles do not like Jews, but Jacob assures her this is not the way he thinks. Marlena says that the best thing to do is forget it ever happened. Jacob falls asleep in the chair.

The next morning, Jacob leaves car number 48 still in the tuxedo, and many of the performers and workers stare questioningly at him. He gets back to the ring stock car. Upon entering, he sees Kinko masturbating on his bed. Kinko is furious and hurls objects at Jacob to get him to leave. Jacob goes to help Otis feed the animals, but all the meat on board for the animals has...

(The entire section is 545 words.)