Part 2, Chapters 21–27

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Chapter 21

Hiram encounters Moses in the woods. She tells him she is from Maryland and that one day she will return there, but for now she needs Hiram's help, because he can run so fast. Her own special powers are not for “show,” and she answers to only one person: Harriet. Hiram agrees that he will work for her.

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The next morning, a “commotion” wakes Hiram. Otha is comforting Raymond. Micajah Bland has been killed, and Lydia has been recaptured. Hiram thinks that he needs to get the forged papers back to Raymond and Otha.

He offers his condolences to Otha. Otha tells him that Bland had been his “brother,” a replacement for Lambert, who had been killed. When they had first met, Lydia had been whipped by a white man for refusing to submit; she had made him promise not to try and kill the white man, because “this is not our end.” Otha still thinks about these words and is sure Lydia will still be freed.

Chapter 22

Hiram says goodbye to Kessiah, who says she and Harriet will be going to Philadelphia, too. Otha, Raymond, and Hiram ride together; Corrine, Hawkins, and Amy in another coach; and Harriet, Kessiah, and their driver in a third. Hiram feels responsible for Bland’s death. 

The group sit outside, having stopped at an inn, and mourn Bland. Hiram says he feels that his forged papers “got [Bland] caught,” but Corrine says one of the children became ill, which meant the group had to move more slowly and were caught. The Whites were imprisoned, and Bland was killed because he continued to try to free them.

Chapter 23

Hiram returns to his woodworking and Underground work routine in Philadelphia. The system is reviewed, and codes are changed. In October, Harriet meets with Hiram to check on his well-being. She tells him she cannot perform miracles and that she believes she herself will one day be caught, too. She asks for a pass drawn from the same hand as the letters in a file she produces and a letter “in slave-hand” to be sent by tomorrow’s post. She then puzzles Hiram by saying it is one night’s journey to Maryland.

At the appointed time, he meets Harriet at the docks as agreed. A green light begins to glow inside Harriet, who tells Hiram that “memory is the chariot, and memory is the way, and memory is bridge from the curse of slavery to the boon of freedom.” Hiram realizes he is being Conducted, by Harriet, across the water as she tells him the story of her own Tasked family—of Abe, who first made her feel the desire to be free. Hiram cannot feel his body. When he comes back to himself, he realizes “the land [has] folded like fabric,” and they have been transported to Maryland.

Chapter 24

Harriet is exhausted from the Conduction and has to be carried. Hiram lays her down gently in the woods and hides her, then pushes deep into the forest. At nightfall he returns for Harriet and finds her awake. They trek through the woods until they find a cabin. Before entering, Harriet asks whether Hiram has any questions.

Hiram explains that his grandmother, Santi Bess, had a legendary gift for stories, and it is said that she eventually told a story that “would turn back time itself” and take her back to her ancestral homeland. One night she disappeared, as did forty-eight of the Tasked, all pure-blooded Africans.

Harriet explains that Conduction was indeed a known practice among Africans who were enslaved. She suggests that part of Hiram is trying to forget—that is why he cannot remember his mother. She explains that Conduction requires water to work and that she also needs to know the person she is Conducting and the place they are going to.

They go into the cabin, where Chase Piers greets them, alongside Harriet’s brothers Ben and Henry, and Henry’s wife, Jane. Her brother Robert is on the home plantation with his...

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