Characters Discussed

(Great Characters in Literature)

Fanny Farrelly

Fanny Farrelly, the head of a distinguished Washington family. She eagerly awaits the return of her daughter, Sara, who has spent many years abroad with her German husband, rearing a family and helping him in his anti-Fascist efforts. Fanny disapproved of the marriage but is now eager to make amends. She is out of touch with what has been happening in Europe, but she responds well to Kurt’s explanation of his activities on behalf of the men and women who have opposed Adolf Hitler. Fanny is so moved by Kurt’s humane efforts on behalf of his fellow human beings that she conspires with him in the murder of Teck de Brancovis, who plans to inform on Kurt to the German embassy.

David Farrelly

David Farrelly, Fanny’s good-looking son, who has struggled under the shadow of a famous father. David falls in love with Marthe de Brancovis and helps Kurt survive Teck’s scheme against him.

Marthe de Brancovis

Marthe de Brancovis, Teck’s attractive wife, an American who has tired of her husband’s gambling and his generally dissolute life. She is a guest in Fanny’s home and falls in love with her son David.

Teck de Brancovis

Teck de Brancovis, a Romanian nobleman who gambles away his funds and decides to turn in Kurt Muller to the German embassy, which is sure to pay Teck for his efforts. Teck is suave but contemptuous of Americans, including...

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