The Waste Land Overview Quiz

Can you follow all of the allusions and metaphors in T.S. Eliot's complex Modernist poem? Find out with eNotes' "The Waste Land" Overview Quiz.

  1. What do all these cities, Jerusalem, Athens, Alexandria, Vienna, and London, cited in Section V, have in common?

  2. From what has the character Albert just been released?

  3. Who is the subject of the long discussion which begins Section V, "What the Thunder Said"?

  4. What special ability does the prophet Tiresias have?

  5. While section one is primarily about death, what concern dominates section two?

  6. What is Madame Sosostris's special talent?

  7. In what season does the poem begin?

  8. Where does Marie "feel free"?

  9. What is the name of the "modern city"?

  10. Who is Phelbas the Phoenician?