Washington Square Chapters 33 and 34 Summary and Analysis

Henry James

Chapters 33 and 34 Summary and Analysis

Dr. Sloper eventually retires from his medical practice. He goes to Europe for two years, taking both Catherine and Mrs. Penniman with him. Mrs. Penniman feels that she is familiar with all of it, so it holds no surprises for her. On their return, Dr. Sloper speaks to Catherine about his death. She rejects the possibility as he is only sixty-eight years old, but he insists. He once again asks for her promise that she will not marry Morris Townsend after his death. Morris has returned to New York and frequents her cousin Marian’s home (Marian’s husband is Morris’s cousin), though this has been kept secret from Catherine. Dr. Sloper states that Morris has grown fat and old, that he has been married...

(The entire section is 924 words.)