Washington Square Chapters 27 and 28 Summary and Analysis

Henry James

Chapters 27 and 28 Summary and Analysis

On his return to New York, Dr. Sloper confronts Mrs. Penniman with what he assumes she has been doing in his absence. He knows that she has continued her relationship with Morris Townsend and that most likely Morris has f requented his home in his absence, which Dr. Sloper finds in deplorable taste. Mrs. Penniman, on her part, is equally sarcastic, but Dr. Sloper is unimpressed. She, however, is frightened. Dr. Sloper consults his other sister, Mrs. Almond, who is more sympathetic but is still unconvinced of the effectiveness of her brother’s actions. She points out that Mrs. Penniman has championed Morris for a year, so Morris sees Catherine’s absence as so much gained. She also informs Dr. Sloper...

(The entire section is 1002 words.)